Stickers ….. anyone need stickers??

Sign up to receive our weekly Digital Marketing tips Ever had a need to order stickers for your business? I came across Sticker Mule recently and after trying out their services, I thought I would share them under my resources...

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Google Keep – Save Your Thoughts Wherever You Are

My latest app affair has to be the one and only Google Keep. I was reading one of my usual blogs and was blown away by the beauty and simplicity of this one. In all honesty, I was surprised I hadn't heard of it before. Having tried it out for over two weeks, I'm...

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10 Tips For Marketing Your Business On Pinterest

I must admit, being a visual person and never being able to turn "off", when I first joined Pinterest it was like an addiction. I couldn’t get enough of those gorgeous idea inspiring photos. It didn't matter what category I was looking at, my boards and pins grew at...

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10 Ways To Strengthen Your Brand

Branding is just as important for small businesses as it is for big names. This article explains how and why you can strengthen your brand. If you are a small firm or a sole trader, you could be forgiven for thinking that branding is not for you. "Big names spend...

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The Killer WordPress Checklist Infographic

“The Killer WordPress Checklist Infographic” by Capsicum Mediaworks LLP is an awesome resource for any web designer building out an entire WordPress website from start to finish. It is also great for any website project manager who has been tasked to oversee the build...

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6 Tips For Keeping Email Lists Clean

  If you have an old mailing list, chances are it’s time for some spring-cleaning with your email list. As most email providers carefully monitor for spam, lists full of old email addresses, addresses with typos, or addresses with no longer existent domains can...

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Top 10 Social Media Tips For Businesses

Sign up to receive our weekly Digital Marketing tips Lets face it, the entire social media scene can seem overwhelming at times. You're busy creating product, running a business, having a life - who's got time, right? Social media...

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Blog Vs Website – Whats The Difference?

Sign up to receive our weekly Digital Marketing tips Many people have websites (for their businesses as well as for personal use) and many people have blogs. The issue is whether people truly understand the difference between a...

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