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It is not enough to simply know that you are driving traffic to your website. The quality of your audience is vital.

By generating detailed analysis through Google Analytics on your audience, you can take actions that will help you to achieve the aims of your business.

Just some of the factors that can be measured in an in-depth analysis include:


  • Traffic Statistics (such as overall visitor numbers, organic figures, direct traffic)
  • Demographics (such a country, city and language of your traffic)
  • Behaviour (such as returning visitors and engagement)
  • Devices traffic came from (such as mobile or desktop)
  • Traffic referrals (external websites, social site)
  • Time spent on website and pages visited the most
  • Pages that traffic lands on and bounces off
  • Conversion tracking (such as how many times a person visits your contact page)
google analytics

How Can Itchy Fingers Design Help?

At Itchy Fingers Design we are committed to providing you with regular insights into how your website is performing. By generating regular and detailed reports, we will gather in-depth information that is essential to the online success of your company.

By analysing this information we will be able to show you things such as:


  • What pages of your website are your audience most engaged with
  • What pages of your website need to be looked at to provide a better user experience
  • What time of the day/week people are visiting your site the most
  • The path that customers take before they make a purchase
  • The amount of time spent on different pages of your website
  • What value are social media sites having on your website traffic
  • How your traffic levels are increasing with time


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