We live in a visual world where design matters. Itchy Fingers Design offers a wealth of services to help build awareness and increase your presence online.

For a B2B firm, it is important to have a balanced marketing strategy—incorporating at least five to six marketing tactics to reach your ideal client. For example, a B2B firm may have a credible website design but an outdated brochure design. You need to pay equal attention to all marketing tactics being utilised to ensure your brand is positioned in its best light. The messaging and branding need to both consistent and effective.

Brochure Design

Even though printed materials are becoming increasingly less as we consume content more and more through digital channels, good design is still important. Documents need to be visual for people to engage with.

Clever use of relevant imagery, well written copy and effective use of colour and typography all lend themselves to producing a well designed effective product.

Business Card Design

Stand out from the crowd with a card that establishes a permanent impression about your company and portrays your values and competitive advantages.

As creatives, we never underestimate the value of a business card to create the initial impression of your brand. We not only design the business cards, but can also integrate or refresh an existing logo design or stationery design. We can help create a new tagline that helps articulate the brand promise and position.

From there, we can carry this corporate identity through the website design, brochure design, marketing materials design, email newsletter design and more.

Presentation Design

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying we all need them. Powerpoint is a wonderful tool, but has often been used badly. Slides crammed full of text, bad images and stock photography!

Using effective design methodology and creative imagery, we can create either a branded template for you to use for your presentations or we can work with you to develop a slide deck that delivers the right message in the right way for your intended audience.

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