Updated 18th August 2019

Sometimes blogging motivation is… well… not there. We know we should be doing it, but the struggle is real!

I am always on the look out for useful articles and guides that can help with the writing process.

Here are two comprehensive articles that will do exactly that.

The first is from Co-Schedule on how to write a good blog post by understanding how you work best.

It’s a lengthy one but its really worth the read.

The second article is from ROI Foundry titled ‘Content Development – The Complete Guide On Creating High-Ranking Blogposts in 2019’ .

It’s an 11,000-word beast of an article published about in-depth content research.

ROI Foundry Content Development Guide

They’ve broken down the entire content planning and research process in it, complete with setting up segments, personas, researching for topic ideas, and also a step-by-step tutorial for keyword research.

They wanted to create the most detailed actionable guide available about content planning.

Let me know if any of these article help you in your blogging efforts in the comments.

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