Why Designing a Website with Conversions in Mind Is a Must

PUBLISHED March 3, 2020
UPDATED March 4, 2020

Most businesses have these days have a website, and if they don't yet have one, moving into 2020, they certainly will. Maybe you're considering the same thing for your business, or perhaps you already have your site already up and running, but you aren't satisfied with its results.

If you've had disappointing results from your site, you may not be making the most of conversion tactics. Luckily, there are numerous ways to improve your site through carefully honed website design that targets conversion rate optimisation.

But first.....

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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion should be the goal of all businesses with an online presence.

Your conversion rate is the number of people not only visiting your site but actively converting into paying customers by purchasing one of your products or signing up for your service.

Businesses can accomplish conversion in a variety of ways, from sales funnels to email subscriptions. The process of conversion rate optimization (CRO) involves making the most out of these practices.

When designing your website (or revamping, as the case may be), you need to keep conversion at the forefront of your entire process. Services like Convertica exist solely to boost your conversion rates by utilising as many of these tactics that work coherently with your brand.

There are multiple reasons that conversion is key to effective web design. We've compiled just a few to get you thinking.

Competition Is Fierce

More and more businesses are joining the digital arena every day to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities afforded by digital marketing and advertising. They can see the benefits that an online presence yields, and they're quickly making the most of their spot in the industry. This buy-in means more competition for your brand, so you're going to have to be able to stand out.

You don't have to pull out all the stops to attract every single possible visitor into making a purchase. That's a lot of pressure, and it is likely going to convince you that you need three separate pop-ups going at every visitor with each click they make just to secure a sale. You don't.

All that you need to do is consider your audience, think what will appeal to them, and engage them by using well-researched CRO practices. Indeed, the focus on the audience experience with your site is why analysts predict that qualitative research will be one of the key focal areas for web design trends in 2020.

CRO measures the qualitative experience induced by a website's design by experimenting and figuring out what works and what doesn't. For instance, a younger audience may respond well to a website with graphics and hyperlinks to vital information bursting out at them on ever. An older audience might prefer simple, minimalist design and easy-to-follow payment processes and contact options.

Yes, competition is fierce, but you aren't fighting for every customer; you're fighting for your own. Designing a site with conversion at the forefront that also takes into account the specific needs of your clientele will help you make the most of what you have to offer.

Attention Spans Are Shortening

Advertising has changed enormously in the past decade, primarily online. Websites aren't solely to provide information anymore; they exist as powerful advertising tools to promote products and services. However, with the rise of social media, the advertising of these products has changed substantially.

Attention spans are at an all-time low. A generation of people has grown up in the technological era, where information was nothing but snappy. Think of YouTube and its five-second ad reels. They started as full advertisements with the option to skip after five seconds. Once brands noticed that almost everyone was simply skipping anyway, they condensed their information to five-second slots.

A decade ago, a five-second advert would have seemed entirely pointless, but in 2020, it may just be all the time you need.

So, how does this relate to conversion?

CRO tactics often involve condensing the information into formats that are easier to consume by a reader. No more walls of text on a blank background. Instead, use sales funnels to give your site more energy. Capture your client's attention and hold it.

CRO Improves the Efficiency of Your Site

When you design your site with a singular goal in mind, it naturally follows that the result is a web page with a clear focus. It isn't just a bunch of pages with loose links to one another that conveys information in uninteresting ways. It's a lively array of images and text that all work to convince a visitor that they should make a purchase.

The very first step of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is market research. It's understanding who your audience is and what they respond to most positively. If you build your website from the ground up with this information in mind, it will undoubtedly perform better than a site created just to 'put yourself out there.'

Remember, you're not just putting products on display. You're trying to sell them, so you need to have conversion firmly in mind.

With the use of CRO tactics, your site becomes streamlined and demonstrates a higher efficiency. Links lead to useful information; email subscriptions provide customers with details they care about (because you did your research), and not one visitor feels assaulted by annoying sales offers.

Conversion optimization takes into account the customer, instead of just checking off a list of site must-haves.

Your Site Exists to Make Sales, Conversion Increases Sales

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, consider why you even decided to make a website. It wasn't so you could give yourself another thing to stress over.

It was so you could build your brand in a meaningful way by using one of the most powerful tools at your disposal: the internet.

If your goal is to make sales, then you need to operate with conversion firmly in mind. Conversion is the process of changing a visitor to a customer. Without any customers, you don't have any sales, and your business quickly plummets.

Some of the best digital marketing campaigns utilise conversion optimisation tactics to achieve great results.

If you genuinely want to boost your business's success, you need to build your website with conversion at the centre.


Putting your audience first and foremost is always a great way to achieve success, and its not different online.

If you would like to discuss ways to increase CRO on your website, get in touch or schedule in a 20 minute chat here.

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