4 Easy Ways To Turn Your WordPress Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

PUBLISHED December 10, 2019
UPDATED January 22, 2020

Drive lead generation on your WordPress website

I've been using WordPress for many years now. As a long time marketer turned designer, you can literally create what you want in WordPress.

Yes, beautifully designed sites are great to look at but do they generate leads for your business?

I specialise in reverse engineering website designs to ensure they deliver leads consistently. This is why having goals for your site is very important. I always explain to clients, when we examine data and results after their new site is live, we see what is working and then concentrate on doing more of that.

Here are 4 ways you can easily start generating leads from your website.


Ok, I hear you ask - What are landing pages?

A landing page is typically a standalone web page that exists for the purpose of collecting leads or supporting an advertising campaign. It has one goal only.

Landing Pages Explained by Hubspot

Below is an example of a lead page with typical elements from Hubspot.

Hubspot published an in-depth guide on landing page best practices which is well worth reading.

Getting your opt-in forms right is a skill in itself. Check out this tweet on an epic article on how to build forms that convert.

Create Opt-ins that convert


I don't know about you, but personally, I cannot stand pop-ups as soon as I land on a website. I have been hit with over three popups on some sites before I can even see any content.

If they are used correctly they can be very useful, but 95% of the time I find they are just abused. Here's an article on what to consider if you want to include pop-ups in your strategy.

Including opt-ins / offers / freebies in your sidebars is another useful way to get upgrades in front of your users. Changes are, if they are on your blog page, they are looking to read your content and that upgrade may be of interest to them.

For example, I recently created a free guide on how to create winning website projects. I have added it to my sidebar and it directs to the landing page where people can sign-up.

Example of a lead signup in a sidebar


This is one of the most overlooked things businesses do - always add a content upgrade on all your posts.

Just check out the end of this post - this is a content upgrade. It effectively is a related call to action that gives out some useful information in exchange for an email address.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods as it is direct communication to your customers and the list is yours alone.

However, you do want to ensure you are GDPR compliant and be mindful not to spam your list. You can target subscribers based on activity, ie who opens email newsletter etc.


A 404 (also known as an error page) page is what site visitors get redirected to if the url they search for on your site doesn't exist or they enter something incorrectly.

Here's an article that goes into detail about how to design an effective 404 page.


No matter what business you are in, consider what your audience / potential customers would find useful or helpful.

If you need someone to develop these things for you, give me a call or schedule in a 20 minute chat here.

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