Make Your Workday Tasks Even More Efficient With Googles New Shortcuts

PUBLISHED November 4, 2019
UPDATED December 10, 2019

I learned about Googles new shortcuts recently and thought it warranted a post as it has proved a real timesaver for me in my daily workflow.

Over a year ago Google introduced some new shortcuts. For those of you using Google Docs, you will find this article very useful.

You could suddenly create a new Google doc simply by typing into your URL bar.

Type and you can create a new google sheet.

Type or to add calendar events.

Type to create a new Google Form.

Type or to create a new google slides doc, and other Google-specific tasks.

Now Google’s making that small magic available to the rest of the internet as well.

On October 29th, 2019 Google shared 10 .new domains.

Spotify claimed, which lets users create new playlists quickly.

Add new shortlinks using

Medium has, which gets you writing faster, and is a shortcut of eBay sellers.

Type to create a new design in Canva.

Microsoft, OpenTable and Cisco Webex have their own variations. The domains aren't all available immediately, but they will be rolling out on an ongoing basis.

If you're already considering setting up your own .new shortcuts, you can apply for a .new domain beginning on December 2nd.

Through January 14th, trademark owners can register their trademarked .new domains.

According to The Verge, at some point in 2020, anyone will be able to register a .new domain, without having to apply. Google says the domain will be secure and served over HTTPS.

Let me know in the comments if you found any of the shortcuts useful!


Amanda Lucas

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