Why Email Marketing is so Valuable for your Business

PUBLISHED January 31, 2021
UPDATED February 1, 2021

Email marketing has been a round a long time right? Why is it still considered one of the most effective methods of an Inbound strategy?

What has changed in the world since the first email was sent in 1972?

Email marketing has changed right along with it.

Think about how revolutionary it is that most people access their inbox right from their pocket. People can access and carry their emails everywhere, and as people request more transparency, value and personalisation in their emails great marketers have adapted.

New technology and new best practices is how marketers continue to send their emails to the right person with the right message at the right time.

As a result, email marketing is still a huge part of a successful business but it hasn’t been an easy transition into business. It didn’t happen overnight, its not an adaptation to take for granted.

In the last 40 years people have dramatically change the way they live and how they work.

Naturally, the way that people consume information, shop and make purchasing decisions has transformed as well, especially given the times we are in.

Many marketers haven’t done a great job of adapting to the new landscape and it has caused a big disconnect as to how companies sell and how people buy.

Let’s take a step back to review the existing marketing playbook most people are familiar with.

In traditional marketing, most companies find as many people as possible to get their message in front of. They do things like billboards, TV ads, radio and cold calling.

There are two fundamental problems with this playbook. First, technology is making these techniques more expensive, caller id blocks cold calls,  TV streaming services such as Netflix makes TV advertising less effective and spam filters and priority inbox filter.

Many Governments have mandated that businesses need to provide the right to people to opt out of emails.

Can-spam legislation passed by the federal businesses that are found in violation can be fined up to $16k per email. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world. Though it was drafted and passed by the European Union (EU), it imposes obligations onto organizations anywhere, so long as they target or collect data related to people in the EU.

Second, traditional marketing is interruptive and it’s not such a great experience for you the reader or the potential

But its not such a great experience for user, the reader, the viewer, that potential customers.

The alternative is something called inbound marketing. Inbound embraces the world as it is today. Where the consumer has the power.

Inbound is all about empowering visitors, leads and customers.

Its about starting a conversation to pull people in rather than interrupting them.

Email marketing is an interesting case. To many people it is one of the prime examples of outbound marketing.

Email spam strikes fear into the heart of many marketers. Too many marketers rely on purchase lists and emailing people who have never opted in to receiving email from them. Marketers are people too – we hate spam, so why send it.

It's time to market to people that want to be marketed to. That's what makes inbound inbound.

Email still has a core role in the inbound playbook if done in a more human, consumer-driven perspective.

Email done correctly can drive serious impactful ROI

According to Hubspot, the inbound methodology is the method of growing your organization by building meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, and customers. It’s about valuing and empowering these people to reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you.

Why? Because when your customers succeed, you succeed.

hubspot inbound wheel

The inbound methodology can be applied in three ways:

  1. Attract: drawing in the right people with valuable content and conversations that establish you as a trusted advisor with whom they want to engage.
  2. Engage: presenting insights and solutions that align with their pain points and goals so they are more likely to buy from you. 
  3. Delight: providing help and support to empower your customers to find success with their purchase. 

ROI, or return on investment, is an essential metric for quantifying how effective your marketing efforts are. Email campaigns pretty much blow other digital outreach methods out of the water in terms of ROI, with an average of $38 gained to $1 spent, making their ROI an awe-inspiring 3,800%. It’s clear that email marketing is worth your focus when it comes to making every dollar you spend really count.

Email is the defacto way of getting a message to someone. 54% of emails being opened on mobile. With the rise of mobile devices, this has meant more people see your messages.

Email is a channel that you 100% own and one based on explicit permission.

The inbox is a big deal. When a reader gives you permission to send them email the is an expectation of action. Whether it is to read, click or respond.

You can use emails to insight people to action by providing value or you can abuse that permission and insight them to unsubscribe or even mark your emails as spam. The choice is up to you.

And lastly, email is measurable

In today’s world, consumer attention is fragmented and difficult to measure. How many people saw that tweet? Are the same people always sharing your posts?

Emails’ most redeeming feature is the ability to measure repeat sustained user attention. Email is by definition a unique identifier. You can track multiple opens over time and build behavioural models to maximise your share of a readers attention.

Pretty powerful stuff.

There are many platforms in which to set up your emails, but personally, I have been a long time fan of Mailchimp. I am now an agency partner with them and can help businesses develop their email strategy to effectively meet their needs.

It's not 100% perfect, but Mailchimp does offer the beginner a great place to start and easy to design responsive email templates. With the recent addition of automation to all free accounts, it is a great place to start your email marketing efforts.

You can send up to 12000 emails per month to a max of 2500 subscribers on the free plan.


So there you have it. If you were ever in any doubt as to the effectiveness email marketing can have on your business, this has proved that it is a most valuable activity.

Need help getting started and developing a strategy?

Call me at 086-8710018 or drop me an email to [email protected] and I'd be happy to chat some more about how email marketing can help your business.

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